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Software Simulation

This sample software simulation was created in Adobe Captivate.

Tools used: Adobe Captivate, Audacity, and Canva



This sample e-learning course highlights a mentor/mentee theme and storyline. The learner is free to choose the order in which they complete each topic.

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360 published as HTML 5 files, Audacity, Canva and Adobe Photoshop


Learning Beyond the E-Learning Course 

I included an internal sharepoint site in my design strategy to provide a method for all learners to continue learning from one another about delivering world-class client experience.


This site also provided links to refresher content, external resources and tips related to the client experience.

Sample Sharepoint Site Learning Option

Virtual Workshop

I designed and developed a virtual workshop with slides and script. Provided content analysis, flow, learner engagement stratagies, and visuals.


Blended Learning Strategy

I created a blended learning strategy that included providing learners with an overall path and learning resources before, during, and after they attended a virtual workshop. Click to display a visual representation of the Blended Learning Strategy.

Work Sample Thumbnails.png
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