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Finding My ID Courage

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re brought in to create training only to discover that the problem, solution, and strategy have already been pre-determined?

Been there. I️ can recall beginning a project as a government contractor early in my career. The Instructional Designer (ID) that was assigned to the project before me had already created and had approval of a module prototype.

After reviewing the project as well as the performance objectives, I️ knew there was a better way to improve performance and achieve the objectives. In my gut, I️ felt I wouldn’t be doing the job I️ was hired for - if I️ continued without determining if an alternate strategy (which would provide a more realistic experience to the actual job).

I had a dilemma - so I got to work!

I️ checked with a programmer about the possibilities based on what I️ thought would be a more realistic way to improve performance and measure success. Once I️ was sure that my solution was possible, I️ proposed the alternative to my client. I had to accept that regardless of what route they chose, it was their choice eventually. As an instructional Designer, I️ had to provide them with what I️ knew would get the results they wanted.

I’m happy to report that they were delighted! It was at that point in my career when I️ realized that as an ID, I would always present what was best based on my experience. In the same breath, I had to be willing to also accept that it wouldn’t always end in the same outcome.

Have you ever been in this position? How did you handle it?

For all Instructional Designers - I️ hope you find this story inspiring to do what’s right and not be afraid to share your knowledge. In the end, you both want the same results.

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