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"If we build it, they will come..."

You’ve checked all the boxes of getting those required topics available for your employees or clients - now you can sit back, relax - and watch the course completions fly off the charts right?

Not so fast...

Unlike the movie, Field of Dreams, your clients or employees won’t hear the whispers of all the resources that’s available for them.

I’m not saying having comprehensive courses in an eLearning package is just needs to be one piece of the overall learning strategy. They can learn what they need, see how it pertains to their world, all its great benefits...but when they need that specific nugget of information back on the job 2 weeks are you accounting for those needs?

Do you have searchable content or learning objects available...and here’s the kicker - that your employees or clients know about?

Let me rephrase...

Do you have searchable content or learning objects that your employees or clients use on a regular basis?

How regular?

Think about how many times you may use Google to find the answer to something?

Ahhh - now, you’re getting the picture.

This is what is available outside the working walls...Whether you are aware of it or not - what you have is being compared to what Google offers.

When I know I️ can find the answer to a question in a relatively short period of time - I’m more willing to do the “hunting for an answer.”

However, if I already know ahead of time - I would have to:

1. Locate the course

2. Launch the course

3. Peruse the course menu to recall where I can begin my search

...and this is assuming I’m able to freely click through the course to find what I’m looking for.

“No passing until you complete this exercise.”

It’s time to get to work.

Don’t just let those learning objects that you used within a course sit there and collect them!

Determine the best way to market what’s available.

Does your company have a dashboard for internal employees?

If your courses are tied to the company’s bottom line - you should have no problem getting real estate on the landing page for links to videos and QRCs.

Does your company have a learning space for clients? Think of ways to remind them of what’s available on a regular basis.

Be strategic...How can you push the information out to them?

It’s time to get to know your clients, and their needs, and provide them with what they need, when they need it.

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