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The Instructional Designer Dilemma

Are you a part of a training department that are engaged too late in the game?

What’s too late?

If you are called in when the problem and training solution have already been determined - you’re too late!

So, what can you do?

Your department has to begin marketing your services. Don’t assume that all departments know your expertise. They know you are the Training Department. They may think of you from the content creation and delivery aspect - but not from the analysis perspective where the true problem is identified.

Only you can change that perspective.

You’re not alone. Many instructional designers and training departments have been in the same boat.

The change of perspective will not come overnight. It will require a plan, where you have buy- in from the leaders in your department. Those leaders will be required to do the initial “sell” to get the Instructional Designers and User Experience experts involved in those projects at the right time - at project kick-off.

It might seem slow going to be involved so early - but the outcome based on your expertise will be well worth it!

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